Conservation Strategy & Planning


Planning and Development Assistance

Need help mitigating the impact of wildlife to municipalities, communities, or subdivisions? We can help create and implement a wildlife plan that minimizes wildlife conflict in urban areas. Our years of expertise in working with municipalities to resolve wildlife challenges will prove to be effective and cost-efficient. 

We also are experienced in developing baseline data reports, which are a requirement to put your land into a conservation easement - an action that provides permanent protection for your land and often has significant tax benefits. Ask us how to start!

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Conservation Law

We provide expertise in the navigation of complex conservation issues that provide roadblocks to development projects. Our understanding of the complexities of the Endangered Species Act and other federal requirements will ensure that you meet your goals in a legal and conservation-friendly manner.

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Conservation Funding

The Farm Bill is the largest source of conservation funding in our country – and it’s conservation components are developed exclusively for landowners to manage a portion or all of their land in a manner that conserves soil, water, and wildlife. For farmers and landowners, we offer guidance on the use of the Farm Bill and other conservation funding sources to maximize your profitability in balance with wildlife needs.

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