Wildlife Control Services


Wildlife Removal

Our staff will use state-of-the art equipment and techniques to remove wildlife that are in places where they shouldn’t be. Our methods are safe, effective, and humane. We relocate the problem wildlife form your home, office, or farm back into suitable wildlife habitat.

Common problem species include raccoons, skunks, squirrels, bats, coyotes, and groundhogs. We have experience with removing them all!

We also offer emergency services for those animals that have to be gone RIGHT NOW.

Remove this animal!

Stopping Future Invasions

Wildlife removal is the first step in permanently solving your problem. We can follow up the removal with common-sense and comprehensive solutions to ensure that once your nuisance animal is removed, others don't take its place.

Exclusion methods, repellants, habitat modifications and other options are available to minimize the chances of recurring problems.

Keep them out!

Clean-up & Repairs

Animals that invade your home often cause property damage and leave behind an unsightly and unhealthy mess. We will work with you to repair the damage and clean up the mess to protect your family and your pets.

It’s a part of life…wild animals die. When they do so in the forests and fields, then nature takes its course. However, when they die in or near your home, the sights and smells can be overwhelming. We provide a carcass removal and cleanup service that is competitive and discrete.

Clean up the mess!

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