Wildlife Management & Planning


Working with Landowners

There is no substitute for "boots on the ground."  At your request, we will meet with you on your property and help you to customize an approach to achieve your wildlife management objectives. Landowners and farmers wanting more wildlife on their property appreciate the opportunity to walk their lands with trained wildlife professionals. Contact us so that we can visit you and discuss your goals and the potential of your land.

Visit my property!

Biological Surveys

Our experts are trained in estimating wildlife populations using the latest technology. Need a camera trap survey to estimate the number, age structure, and sex ratio of deer on your property? We can handle that! Need to estimate the types and numbers of predators on your property? We do that too!

We will also work with you to collect and analyze your harvest data to help you reach your wildlife management goals.

Survey my wildlife!

Management Plans

Our more than 20 years experience managing deer and turkeys will give you the edge you need to produce the quality you want. We will evaluate your property, analyze your data, and write you a comprehensive and effective wildlife management plan for the species that interest you most. These plans will address areas of harvest management, proper sex and age structures, habitat improvement, food plots, predator control, and other factors that drive the success of a quality management program.

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