Pythons! The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission wraps up 2016 Python Challenge with more than 100 Burmese Pythons rounded up

          Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FFWCC) will wrap up its 2nd Python Challenge this week, with 600+ participants likely rounding up more than 100 of the invasive exotic snakes. This contest to raise awareness and assist with control of the Burmese python was initiated in 2013 by the FFWCC … [Read more…]

Does the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program Need a Tune-up?

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program, or WSFR Program, is the umbrella for funds collected under the authority of Pittman-Robertson and Dingell-Johnson Acts and continues to be the backbone of conservation in this country. However technological advances, inconsistent regional application and enforcement, and procedural loopholes in the laws … [Read more…]

It’s the Legislative Season – Sportsmen Beware!

February brings to a close many of our cherished hunting seasons. It is a time that most of us let our dogs rest, repair our equipment, clean our guns, and relax in anticipation of next fall. But there is one season that is still in play – the legislative season. For many states, legislatures are … [Read more…]

Walmart fails honest, law abiding citizens…again.

Oh we will sell you guns…we just won’t develop your wedding pictures if there are guns in them. Law abiding citizens of our great nation seem to be taking it on the chin once again.  Apparently the Mega-box store, (read: you can buy anything here and get it cheaper than the mom-and-pop down the street, … [Read more…]

Mountain Lion killed in Kentucky

A mountain lion was killed by Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Conservation Officers in Bourbon County, Kentucky yesterday.  This sentence is one that I thought I would have the opportunity to write at some point during my 15 year career with the department, initially as the Big Game Coordinator, then as the Wildlife Director, and finally as … [Read more…]

Discovering your Limits and Pushing Them.

I just returned from a trip in northern New Mexico hunting the Vermejo Park Ranch for high elevation Merriam’s turkeys.  Stimulated by lack of electronic communications of any sort for 9 days, repeated bouts of altitude sickness, an incredible venue, and the wonders of the outdoor world caused several thoughts to occur to me while … [Read more…]

Are Hunters a Dying Breed?

I was recently asked to serve on a development committee for the Council to Advance Hunting and Shooting Sports.  The Council was formed as a partnership between the 50 state fish and wildlife agencies, numerous non-governmental conservation organizations, and industries that manufacture or sell firearms, ammunition, archery equipment, and other items with which we pursue … [Read more…]

New Executive Staff at Kentucky Fish & Wildlife!

There is a new face in town at the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources.  Without fanfare (or so much as a press release that I can find), Charles Booker was hired recently as the Administrative Services Director for the Department.  The person in this position is ostensibly in charge of personnel, budget, grant … [Read more…]