Walmart fails honest, law abiding citizens…again.


Oh we will sell you guns…we just won’t develop your wedding pictures if there are guns in them.


Law abiding citizens of our great nation seem to be taking it on the chin once again.  Apparently the Mega-box store, (read: you can buy anything here and get it cheaper than the mom-and-pop down the street, so we can put them all out of business by paying substandard wages and compromising our integrity and your intelligence in the process) Walmart has decided to police what we can and cannot have in our photos.

A good friend of mine got married this weekend.  Mitch Strobl is an avid outdoorsman and sport shooter and works diligently in customer relations for Kalkomey, a company that’s the leading provider of hunter education courses to youth throughout our nation.  He married a beautiful young lady, Stephanie, who is also a budding hunter and shooter.  The trouble started when Stephanie went to pick up some last minute photos they were having developed for the reception table at their wedding.  Apparently, the almighty Walmart (at least the store she used in Central Texas, apparently this is a store level decision), understanding that a picture of a young, happy couple posing with a sporting shotgun, might spell trouble – refused to print one of the photos.  REASON GIVEN: Pictures of guns might promote gang violence!  Seriously?  That’s like saying that looking at a picture of a box of Krispy Kreme donuts might make me fat.  Even worse – it’s not like they were both aiming Mac-11s or other gang-banger weapons at each other – they were posing with a break action over-and-under shotgun! In fact, it is a Ruger Red Label, which to the unwashed masses is a shotgun that 1) costs a considerable amount of money and 2) no self-respecting gang member would ever think of using. 

This type of shotgun has even been blessed by the Vice President of the United States.  Remember when the gun control crescendo reached its peak, didn’t crazy Joe tell every one to “get a shotgun.  A double barreled shotgun”?  In fact, you can go to Walmart and buy exactly what Joe recommended – just not as nice of one as Mitch is holding, since Walmart wouldn’t stoop to carrying any quality merchandise of that caliber.

So when are hunters and sport shooters going to say enough is enough?  Walmart wants to dictate morals and ethics to us, but doesn’t mind taking advantage of us if we have a dollar to spend.  I think its time that the millions of sportsmen and women across this country started speaking with our bank accounts.  If you are a law abiding gun owner, hunter, sport shooter, angler, boater, or outdoor enthusiast, quit spending your money at the places that have zero respect for our heritage, our culture, and our constitutionally given rights.  

And congratulations Mitch and Stephanie!