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  1. Why do I see so many skunks on the roads in February? A) This is the time of year that skunks breed, so they become extremely active as they roam in search of mates. When you see one on the road, there will often be a second one nearby, so slow down to avoid an unfortunate end for the skunk and an unpleasant trip to the carwash.
  2. Can deer carry diseases that affect humans? A) Yes. Like all mammals, deer are a part of the life cycle of a number of diseases, such as Lyme disease, that can impact humans. Fortunately, when deer herds are kept in balance, the chance for disease transmission to humans is relatively low.
  3. I enjoy feeding the wildlife around my property and at the local park. Does this hurt them? A) Yes. While wildlife such as raccoons and geese seem to appreciate the handouts that humans offer, it often spells tragedy for the animal. Geese are not adapted to eating bread (the food most often offered to them by people) and it can cause problems with their digestion. Raccoons and other wildlife become accustomed to handouts, to the point of becoming a nuisance for your or your neighbors. They can also carry diseases that are transmissible to humans. And obviously, they can bite! They are still wild animals, no matter how tame they may appear.
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